Build Better Relationships 

Keep Your Sales, Marketing And CSR Team Connected With Your Customers 

ANALYB your CRM Solution Partner

As your business grows so do your business relationships. This means more prospects, customers, vendors, partners and employees to manage and keep happy. Give your team a solution that will grow with your business, improve customer relationships and work more efficiency with a CRM solution from ANALYB.

Marketing Automation

Automate email tracking, web intelligence, lead scoring, marketing analytics, social media and customizable workflows that can help sales teams maximize opportunities.

Sales Opportunity Managment

Provide a central­ized system to track sales opportuni­ties and communications with custom­ers and prospects.

Customer Service

Track customer services and support cases, assign staff and manage resources with ease.

Dashboards And Reporting

Create user specific dashboards and reports and gain real-time insights to your business performance anytime from anywhere.

Workflow Automation

Automate routine tasks, create notifications and escalate activities based on other events.